About Us

The Pasty Shop story began in June 2003. From our first store opening in Liverpool Street Station, we’ve since expanded to 15 locations across London and the UK, serving piping hot traditional Cornish pasties to the public.All of our pasties are lovingly hand made in Cornwall.They are then freshly baked on site daily, with the highest quality ingredients.Each pasty has a limited life to ensure every pasty sold comes fresh from the oven – they are not full of additives to extend shelf life. Our fast and friendly service can help you choose from our wide range of mouthwatering flavours.Whether you’re craving our tender Lamb pasty with a delicate hint of mint, our delicious Chicken pasty in tangy Baltic sauce or our hearty steak pasty with swede and rich Stilton cheese, you’ll quickly discover we’ve got a pasty to suit everyone’s taste.So the next time you have to eat on the move, try a traditional, freshly baked alternative to fast food and stop at The Past Shop!